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Introduction & Biography

Below is a brief, yet comprehensive biography of Harpist Nici Haerter. You certainly will be impressed by this artist's accomplishments. Nici is available for weddings, concerts, conventions, special events, receptions, private parties and much more. Be sure to explore this entire site so that you may achieve a complete understanding of Nici's ability to please any audience or age group. From strolling harp to weddings to concert events, Nici is your choice for "five-star" professionalism!



Photo by Steven Paul Hlavac ~

Nici Haerter is an accomplished harpist with over 25 years performance experience. Digital sales of her solo CD “ Harp For All Ages” spans five continents and counting.  As a soloist, Nici performs regularly throughout Central Florida at corporate functions, special events, elegant weddings, and at skilled care facilities in the “Healing Harp,” where she also plays with a portable, strolling/therapy harp for a more interactive and personal approach.

Nici’s outreach program was recently featured in Pulse the Magazine's featured article entitled “Harpist with a Cause.”

In addition, Nici was featured on a local radio station!

She is a member of the American Harp Society and frequently performs with a harp ensemble at local concerts and holiday events. Nici has appeared on Star Network’s television series “Destination Weddings,” and as an on-staff harpist at the Atlantis Restaurant, Renaissance Hotel at Sea World and at Walt Disney World’s famous five-star restaurant, Victoria and Albert’s.

This gifted Rollins College graduate has studied with internationally renowned harpist Jan Jennings, and attended workshops with other such notables as Deborah Henson-Conant, Carl Swanson, Louise Trotter, Elzbieta Szmyt, Park Stickney, Rudiger Oppermann, and Susann McDonald.

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